5 tips for those who want to sell a property quickly

Keep the house clean and presentable, have documentation up to date, be flexible with visiting times… There are several details in the process of preparing your property for sale that can make all the difference in the buyer's decision time and speed. with which you will be able to sell your property.

Check out some tips from Imofaial and remember that we can help you with this preparation:

1. Keep all documentation up-to-date with no backlog or default:

During the sale process, potential buyers will review all documentation of the sellers and the property. It is therefore important not to have overdue debts that could hit the property even after the sale, or even an attachment process already started. The current documentation will be a point in your favor.

2. Make your property presentable for presentation:

We recommend that essential repairs be done to the property before receiving potential buyers (we can help you with this). Painting the walls in neutral colors, resolving more apparent defects (such as small spills), eliminating mold and insect infestations, mowing the lawn, and doing electrical and hydraulic readjustment are some of these measures.

However, we do not recommend doing a major overhaul, as the changes may not be pleasing to the buyer, who may have to rebuild all over again.

If the property is still occupied by the owner or a tenant, we suggest removing at the time of the visit, extremely personal and potentially controversial objects, such as religious motifs or decoration linked to the musician's preferences or football club. The cleanliness of the environments is fundamental.

If possible, keep the electricity on if you need to visit at night or in low light.

3. If you live in the house you are going to sell, have prepared an evacuation strategy:

Too long deadlines for delivery of the property may discourage the buyer, so do not have too long a time to vacate your property and surrender it.

4. Get organized so you can receive visits at different times:

Too much restriction on visitation times to the property can make the sale difficult. Many potential buyers visit real estate before and after work and on weekends. It is a good idea, therefore, to accept non-business hours visits in specific time ranges and days - for example, on Saturdays.
However, limit visits to times when the property is presentable.

5. Hire only one real estate, rely on the expertise of experts:

The real estate will take care of e-mails and calls, legal issues, marking and monitoring of visits, the suitability of interested parties to the properties advertised and the dissemination of its product in the most appropriate channels.

It will also assist in pricing based on market data, not only in relation to what is advertised but what is actually traded, helping you to deal with real expectations.

To learn more or evaluate opportunities for your property, contact Imofaial, without obligation. You can have a coffee with us or get in touch by email or phone.

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